Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Toula Restaurant at the top of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel!!!

“Se bastasse una bella canzone…A far piovere amore. Si potrebbe cantarla un millione. Un millione di volte…” (Eros Rammazzotti)

Hello Everyone,

I am one lucky girl.  I got to have dinner at one of the most amazing restaurants in Toronto.  I sat at the most amazing table and looked out at the best view of this city.  I got to eat at Toula.  Toula restaurant is located at the top of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. 

As soon as you get off the elevators on the 38th floor, you immediately hear the Italian music.  My immediate reaction was, is Toula an Italian restaurant? From the name, I always thought it was a Greek restaurant but to my surprise, it is Italian.  In fact, the owner Luca is straight from Italy. LOL

Not only does the food taste like real Italian food but the service is a delight.  I felt like a queen. LOL.  I had so much champagne and limoncello shots that I forgot I was in a restaurant. I felt like I was celebrating an Italian world cup victory. Ha-ha.

We started dinner with the Grand Tagliere Misto, which consisted of mix meats, cheese, and a small panzerotto.  The presentation and taste of the meats and cheese was amaaazzinnng!! You must try this appetizer and when you do, make sure to have a limoncello shot with your meal. LOL.  I LOVE THOSE SHOTS!!

I then ordered Risotto and of course I had to have the Tiramisu for dessert. What can I say? It was delicious.   The food was fresh and hot.  The service was prompt and the view of the city was outstanding. This place is a must try.  A little birdy told me that Toula usually participates in the Summerlicious program. Make sure to check out their website for further information.

I would like to thank everyone at TOULA for making my dinner special.  Thank you Baldo, the manager, for your great hospitality and for making me feel like part of the family.  I cannot wait to come back. I have a serious craving for pasta and yes, of course, hook me up with those LIMONCELLO shots!!!
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You have to see the pictures of the view I had!!!!

Until next time boys and girls “remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off...”



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cops For Cancer, Toronto Ontario

“Bad boys bad boys, watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you…” (Inner Circle)

Hello Everyone,

In a world that can be scary and cruel at times, some amazing people got together to donate their energy and hair for a great charity.  Cops for Cancer, raised $85,000 for the Canadian Cancer society.  These amazing policemen and women came out on April 12th 2014 to the Yorkdale shopping center, to shave their heads for people who are suffering with this horrible illness.

Deputy Chief Federico and Sargent Dave Rydzik were the first two cops to get their heads shaven.  I have always had great admiration for police officers.  They risk their lives every day to protect us.  They deal with enormous stress and to see them come together and give their time and hair to charity, makes me proud.  Ashley stole my heart as she took that razor to shave her Dad’s hair.  Officer Rydzik, you are a brave man to let your daughter shave you.  I know, my father would never let me touch his razor, let alone let me shave him. LOL. 

I had an amazing time meeting Sargent Chris Boddy, Jamie Gutfreund from CP24 and ETF officers who took it upon themselves to attach my purse to their robot friend.  I can tell you guys that those robots are not easy to maneuver.   My favorite thing was sitting on that police bike.  I think I need to ride one now. LOL.   If “Elvis” would let me ride one day on his bike, I’m in!!  Thank you for showing me your bike!!! I now have dreams of chasing bad guys on that bike.  Ha-ha

Grace, I wanted to say I LOVE MY COPS FOR CANCER tee shirt! When I wear it, I feel proud that we have such amazing men and women who are protecting and serving us.  Thank you officers, for all that you do.    

If you get the opportunity, you must support this great cause.   Another event for Cops for Cancer is taking place on April 26th at Square One Shopping Center.  Go support Peel Regional Police, as they shave their heads for Cops for Cancer!! Buy a tee shirt, donate on line, or see if you can check out one of those bikes.  Just don’t leave your purse lying around, it might end up attached to a robot. LOL.

Thank you Toronto Police Officers.  You raised a lot of money for a great charity.

Until next time boys and girls, “ remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off…” You have to see my pictures from the event!!!! SO MUCH FUN!!! CONGRATS, on a job well done officers!!!
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Toronto Maple Leafs. LeafsNation, you are amazing!!!

“Hello out there, we’re on the air, it’s ‘Hockey Night’ tonight.  Tension grows, the whistle blows, and the puck goes down the ice. “(Stompkin’Tom Connors)

Hello Everyone,

I began my love for the Toronto Maple Leafs when I was 13 years old.  The first time I saw Russ Courtnall, I knew I was going to become a Leafs fan. LOL.  I followed this team through good times and bad.  I slept outside for tickets in front of Maple Leaf Gardens to get greys so I could watch my buds play.  I saved my birthday and Christmas money.  I begged for jerseys and hoped I would get TML gifts.  I am a Maple Leafs Fan.

Last night, I got to see the boys in blue play.  I sat there thinking that this maybe their last shot at getting into the 2014 playoffs.  I had flashbacks to all the games I went to.  I thought of all the people I argued with on how my team was amazing.  All I want is to see this team win a Stanley Cup.  I want to go to a parade. I want to scream from the top of my roof, “We are the champions.” I want to go CRAZY!!! I crave this so bad, that at night I hear those words: “GO LEAFS GO” in my head. LOL. My boys gave me hope one last time, that maybe, just maybe, they will make it to the playoffs.  They beat the Calgary Flames.

Everyone, tells me to forget it.  Stop cheering for these guys, they keep disappointing you.  I cannot stop.  Maybe, it’s the Calabrese stubbornness in my blood or maybe, I just want to BELEAF.  Either way, I want them to win.  The thought of them not making it to the playoffs hurts.  Does Leafs nation give up or do we continue to hope?  As I tell everyone, would you stop playing that lottery? Do you stop hoping you will find true love? Do you feel like you will one day make it rich? We all dream and we all have hopes.  I may be crazy but I cannot give up on Lupul and the boys.

Lupul, you always make me happy.  You have played great this season.  I am thrilled you are part of this team.  I will not give up until I meet you in person. LOL.  Just like, I will not give up hoping, I will be with my true love one day.  I will become famous and my Toronto Maple Leafs will win a Stanley Cup in my lifetime.   Leaf Nation, if it’s not this year and it’s not next year, it will come.  It has to, right? LOL.  They do say “good things come to those who wait.” We are the greatest fans around, and I am proud to be a part of this city and of LEAFSNATION.  I LOVE MY TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS. GO LEAFS GOOO!!!

Until next time boys and girls...” remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off...”
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As always, I leave you with some pictures! ©justbeingmeluvuholts