Thursday, October 31, 2013

I always have the Toronto Maple Leafs on My Mind. LOL. Last night was fun!

" I wonder how my " Toronto Maple Leafs are doing?! "

Hello Everyone.,

Last night I went to the opening game for the Toronto Raptor's.  I had a really good time.  My mind though was always on my Leafs who were in Calgary.  What can I say? I'm a true blue leaf fan and they were playing Calgary who has a great player like Mark Giordano on their team! I know Mark's family and I wanted to mention him, as I am very proud of his accomplishments. He's a great guy who grew up in Toronto. So, Mark congrats on making captain, but the Leafs won!!! I am sorry I missed some of the game. 

I want to start by thanking Stephanie at TD bank who started my day out great! She was amazing and we talked about the game, and she said I looked cute, so how could I not like this girl? LOL.  Stephanie, I did not see you at the game last night but I will probably see you again at the bank. I hope you enjoyed seeing the Raptor's win their first game!! Congrats boys on a job well done.  I am always happy to see a Toronto team beat a Boston team! hahaha. I had no idea that the Boston Celtics had Kris Humphries on their team.  Do you guys remember him? Kim Kardashian's famous ex. ?! Kris, you made it to another team, good for you and congrats on finally getting that divorce.

As for last night, I had a blast.  I met some really cool people.  Ceasar and Tomas, I am sorry if I spelt your names wrong. LOL.  You guys were funny and charming and yes, we did have a lot of food but I love food and the chicken fingers were amazing!!!! I really did enjoy talking with you guys, and I hope you enjoyed the game.

Raptor's and the Leaf's, Congratulations on two great wins!!!!!!!! I hope, I get to see more Raptor games at the ACC but next time, I am not going on a night my leafs are playing. hahaha.

Until next time boys and girls... remember to always " just be yourself, it will eventually pay off..." OHHH and HAPPY HALLLOWEEEN!!!!

(c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Some pics from last night....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leafs, Stevie B, Freestyle Music...These are a few of my FAVORITE things

" What makes me happy at times?... some of my favorite things...LOL.., Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens...."

Hello Everyone.,

Today's post I thought I would tell you about a few of my favorite things.  Sometimes, life can be hard and so you need some things to bring you up, make you smile, make you want to "dance girl" ...On that note, I am going to share with you what I do when I am blue.

Ok, so everyone by now knows I LOVE the Toronto Maple Leafs, and I grew up watching the game. The Leafs and my favorite pink and white jersey make me happpppyyy. Except, when the leafs lose, then I am not so happy, hence why I have other things on my list. LOL.  I have a few leaf tees but my white and pink one is my FAVORITE.  I think because it's a kids jersey and it fits makes me love it more. :) It's a girl thing, fitting in a small size is great!! Hockey in general is a sport I enjoy, and so I also love Mario Lemieux and my program from when I was a kid has made my list of favorites.

Hockey, is not the only sport I like to watch and when I see my ball that I got from the Jays game back in August, I smile.  It reminds me of the great night and how catching a ball at the game can bring a smile to someone's face.

MUSIC...everyone needs it!! I LOVE STEVIE B and freestyle..hahaha. I love to dance in my room to Stevie B and wait, wait, I can not forget Justin.  He always brings sexy back and that song is the best!!!  So, "Dance Girl, Dance.." I have grown to love that phrase.  It always brings a smile to my face.

Starbucks.  How can I describe the feeling of Starbucks? UMMM.... goose bumps on a cold winter's day...I don't know. LOL.  I enjoy it.  I love the Valencia Orange Refresher and the new Chocolate Chai Latte.  They make me so happy.  Both of these drinks are fantastic.

Food.  Who doesn't love food? My favorite snack, is POPCORNERS.  I know, you think I am crazy, but, I am telling you they taste amazing.  They are pop corned chips and are gluten free.  I am trying to be healthy LOL, ok!?! You have to try them.  They have different flavours and they are really good. You can find them at Costco. 

Last but not least, what always makes me laugh besides thinking of certain the television show the BIG BANG theory.  I love watching this show.  I can put on the DVD's and watch all night.  "Penny, Penny, Penny.."

So now, you know what I do to make me smile.  I hope you all decide to try my favorite things.  You may want to drink before you try the dancing or the pop corners, but at the end of the day....You'll be happy.!

Until next time boys and girls.." remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off...." I can not forget to say this, not after last night's amazing game... GO LEAFS GO!!!!

(c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Here are some pics of my favorite things...

Love my PINK LEAF jersey!
"DANCE girl, DANCE...Spring Love, Sexy Back..."
Mario and the best baseball EVER!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mucho Burrito is Mucho Bueno LOL

"I will have a large Burrito with shredded beef and all the other great stuff...LOL"

Hello Everyone.,

Today's post is about my experience that I had at Mucho Burrito.  Last week, I went into Mucho Burrito, this is not my first time at Mucho Burrito.  I actually really enjoy Mucho Burrito.  Did I say the word Burrito enough times yet? hahaha.  I love burrito's, can you tell?

I really enjoy this place.  It has a lot of options and the food is really good.  I'm always nervous when I have to go into a place for the first time, I never know what I am going to find. LOL.  Here, I found Cassandra and Maria, yes, that's my shout out to you two girls. :)) They were friendly and made my food really well.  I have tried numerous things on their menu.  My favorite is...yes, the burrito but I am going to say this, I really like the salad bowl they offer too. 

What makes this place different from other Burrito places? Well, for one it's clean.  Muy importante. They also offer a great selection on their menu.  They have pulled pork!!!! They give you the opportunity to create your selection and they do it at a great rate of speed. 

I wish they had cheaper pricing but I guess, that goes without saying...LOL.  I recommend this place, it really does fill you up and the food is great.  Enjoy, those burrito's ladies and gent, and make sure you try the shredded beef, it's kind of my favorite.

Until next time boys and girls... "remember to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off..."  I have to add this, GO LEAFS GOOOO!!! (Sorry, they are doing so Leaf game I'm having a burrito while I watch them kick butt!!!!)


Here are some pics of Mucho Burrito...... SEE, are they not huge?! LOL

Friday, October 11, 2013

Theresa Caputo Mentions Toronto Maple Leafs!!

" I consider myself a regular Long Island Mom..." (Theresa Caputo)

Hello Everyone.,

Today's post is about my experience last night.  I had tickets to go see Theresa Caputo, TLC's Long Island Medium.  Many people are skeptics to when it comes to mediums and I must admit, I think that many are phony but I do believe Theresa Caputo does have a gift.  I do believe that she can communicate with spirit. 

I did not get a reading from Theresa last night, but, there were probably 20,000 people in the Sony Centre and the people she did read, really seem to need the closure. I am not at all disappointed that I did not get a reading, but, I do have to say this, I can see why people are drawn to her.  She has this crazy personality, after all, she is Italian. LOL.  I personally was obsessed with her $1500 Louboutins that she was wearing, looks like this "regular" Long Island Mom is doing extremely well now.  I am happy that she has this gift but honestly, last night felt like a big show.  She promoted her fan club, yup, she has a fan club??!! She promoted her book.  She was dressed really, really nice.  I loved her David Yurman Ring as well. LOL.  I just think that maybe, the gift she was given is now being exploited. 

I hope she gave peace to all the people she read, and she mentioned the TORONTO Maple Leafs, so Theresa, good job on knowing which city you were in!! By the way, congrats on the win last night BUDS, sorry, I missed the game! 

She did give me more perspective on life, like I needed to think more..LOL.  I do believe there is more after here, and she convinced us all last night.  She even said she felt the presence of God to one lady she read, and that usually never happens.  So, are you worried people are watching you?! I personally feel safe knowing I have angels up there looking down on me and helping me choose and make right choices.  No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes, so isn't it nice to know that spirit places people in our lives to help us with being happy and trying to correct our mistakes?! Sometimes, we are really hard on ourselves and we let guilt stand in the way of our happiness and that is what I learned last night.  It is ok, to make mistakes.  It is ok, to try and make yourself happy.  You can not please everyone, and you will make errors.  Guilt, will only stop you from being happy.

Theresa Caputo, you are one of a kind... I wish you all the best, but, I do not think I will be coming to another show again. 

Until next time boys and girls.. "remember to always to just be yourself, it will eventually pay off..."

(c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Picture taken from Theresa Caputo's website....

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My New Obsession at STARBUCKS

" Can I have a Grande Non Fat, Extra Foam with Whip, Chocolate Chai Latte...??"

Hello Everyone.,

Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy Starbucks.  My favorite drink as I wrote about previously is the Valencia Orange Refresher.  Now, my dear readers, I found a hot beverage I enjoy immensely.  I usually like cold drinks and again I am not a coffee drinker but this drink gives me stars in my eyes. 

I'm not sure, if I love Starbucks so much because they gave me 2 free drinks one yesterday and one the other day but I think it's the service and quality of drinks that they offer that has me going back.  So, here is my new love.  Chocolate Chai Latte.  It tastes so good.  Make sure you add the whip, it's worth the calories.  This drink tastes like chocolate, cinnamon, cappuccino drink without the coffee.  It is made with creamy cocoa, steamed milk and black tea with spices.  It smells so good and that makes the taste of the drink even better.

Usually, I do venture out and have that Pumpkin Spice Latte, but, since this one is without the coffee, I have to say everyone, I prefer the Chai Latte.  It is a must try for all of you readers who love chocolate and whip cream. LOL.  So, I'm assuming a lot of you will be trying this drink in the near future.!!

Once again, Starbucks, you created a fabulous drink for me.  Now, I have a favorite cold drink and a hot one.  I am very happy with you guys.  You are one of my favorite places to venture out too.  The drive through helps too, especially when it's raining and I do not want to wet my hair..LOL.

Go to a Starbucks soon and get that Chocolate Chai Latte, you will not be disappointed.  Love you Starbucks, keep up the great service !! See you, I need to figure out which drink I want the Chai Latte or my Valencia Refresher.?!

Until next time boys and girls, " remember to always be yourself, it will eventually pay off..." 

(c) justbeingmeluvuholts

I was trying to get a good shot of the Chai Latte...LOL.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Congrats! Toronto Maple Leafs, you got your first win!! Let's keep it up!

" Early in the season the special teams usually have a huge impact on the success or failure of your group.  Tonight, I thought our special teams were the success of the game..."  ( Randy Carlyle, TML coach, Oct 1st, after the game)

Hello Everyone..,

HOCKEY IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I guess, I'm a little excited. LOL.  I am proud for one that this team pulled the victory on opening night.  Yes, it was a close game but you know what, a win is a win and we won !!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, congrats to my boys in blue.  I wish you so much success in the season ahead.

Right before game time, the Toronto Maple Leafs made a huge announcement in signing Phil Kessel to a new 8 year contract. $64 million dollar deal.  Not to shabby.  I knew, I should have married a hockey player, well, technically, I still can. LOL.  So, many people would think that this is insane but hey, he did get us an assist last night in the first goal.  I am sure Phil will stand proud as a leaf as did Matt Sundin did and we will have a super team for this season. 

Congrats to our goalie last night James Reimer who got us the win and I must add I thought he played great last season.  So, I was happy to see him start for the leafs in their first game. So, he deserved the first star of the night.., yes, it went to him.  Phil.., I think since you got that huge contract, maybe, you should have gotten something, ?? LOL. Oh ya, you got the money. 

Welcome back boys...I am proud you beat the MONTREAL Canadians who booed us when we came out but that's ok, cause we won the game!!!! Here's to a new season....  See you tonight boys in Phillie.., let's make it another win!!  Toronto loves you..., bring that cup back to this city !!!!! GO LEAFS GOOOOO!!!!

Until next time boys and girls... remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off..."
(c) justbeingmeluvuholts

" Hello out there, we're on the air, it's Hockey Night tonight...." ( Stompin Tom Connors)

ACC last year, don't worry..there will be some this year!! LOL