Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just a normal Sat night, or was it?? hahaha

"It's great being a girl at times, smile and walk right in....LOL.  Did we just get in free in both places?? :))) "

Hello Everyone.,

I was debating for the past few days what I wanted to write about for my next post, and I decided I had to share my Sat night with you.  I have not been to a bar in a while, especially downtown.  I hate driving in the city and parking is always a headache, however, since I was in one of those dancing moods and it was a beautiful summer night, downtown was the destination.

I have to first mention all day at work, I was craving cream soda.  Ya, I know, I get the weirdest cravings. LOL.  I have not had cream soda since I was a kid, I have no idea why I wanted it, but, when I want something, "forget about it", I have to have it!!! So, after work I stopped at the local variety store and got my "CRUSH" cream soda.  I must have drank it in 2 mins flat.  It went down smooth, well, it made me burp, but, it was good. LOL.

After taking a nap,  I put on my summer dress, Gucci shoes (yes, I got them at HOLTS!!, I always have to mention my secret love) put on my D&G perfume and out the door I went.  I actually was shocked to find parking ASAP, and the drive was not that bad, good sign? LOL.  Our first destination of the evening was Brassaii.  This was my first time going to Brassaii.  I really liked the lay out and the patio is beautiful.  Yes, we got in free, not sure why but we did, so again was this a good sign? We sat on the patio, it was so nice and we decided to order some food.  I have to say, I'm a chicken and potatoes girl, I usually do not eat duck or foods that are not found at Fortino's. However, since I was being adventurous, I mean I did go downtown after being missing in action for a while, I tried duck prosciutto.  Let's just say, I'll take mortadella or normal prosciutto over "duck" anytime, anyplace.  No more duck for this girl.

We ate and talked and laughed and drank and talked and talked...we had some boys come talk to us, but, I think the craziest thing that happened was when my friend said to me, hey, we haven't seen "Mike" in a while.  Ok, so, I need to tell you this, I had the biggest "CRUSH" on Mike since university.  I use to see him everywhere.  Acapulco, Palazzo's, 11th Hour, wherever I was, I ran into him.  He was the cutest, funniest guy, and then it happened....yes, yes, in walks Mike. LOL.  Is this a sign? So, I saw my "CRUSH" after his name was mentioned.  Maybe, I should mention, winning the lottery?!! I talked to Mike, he was funny and charming as always.  I enjoyed our conversation but we had plans to hit another spot before I started chatting with him and I could not disappoint my girl, so we left Brassaii and off to Brant House.

Yes, we got in FREE again!!  Love FREE things!!  Brant house was busy but when you hear someone say: " hey, I know that girl she works at ______ " Time to go.., LOL.  It was late anyhow, and I again was craving that "CRUSH" cream soda.  So, thank you hot dog man, you had cream soda!!! I'm wondering now, was craving the crush all day a sign I was going to see my long lost crush?????

It was a fun, interesting night.  I enjoyed going out with my girl, I LOVED the cream soda, I could have skipped the duck prosciutto but seeing my crush made up for that taste of duck. hahaha.  On that note, boys and girls, I would go back to Brassaii.  I would probably order French fries next time though, and I would probably not wear stiletto's there again.  Toronto, fix your streets!!! I almost fell 4 times trying to get my cream soda!

Until next time boys and girls, remember, to "always just be yourself, it will one day eventually pay off...."     (c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Guess which one is the duck? LOL

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We're The Millers

" Don't go chasing waterfalls..., please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.." (TLC)

Hello Everyone.,

In today's post, I wanted to talk about the movie We're the Millers.  I went to go see this movie as many of my friends were raving about this flick and I wanted to see what the big ordeal was about this movie.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I love going to movies and I always read the reviews before selecting a movie, and I have to say the reviews on We're the Millers, were very mixed.

My experience movie night for this movie was actually incredible.  I did not see this movie in my favorite theatre in AVX but I did go to a theatre that had the coolest set up.  They had the best pop machine's I ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cineplex, listen up, install these babies in every theatre.  I was so blown away.  First of all, they had over 100 drinks to choose from, seriously, over 100. LOL.  I had the strawberry lemonade but I want to go back just to try another flavour.  I am not sure if my judgement on this flick is now tainted because after getting my snacks before the movie started, I was already in a good mood.  To top it off, I came in 4th during Time Play!!!  Yes, boys and girls, I love seeing my name on that big screen ! hahaha.  I also won more French fries, so, I am going to have to say the movie We're the Millers was actually a pretty good flick.  LOL.

The movie was funny.  I found myself laughing through out.  However, the movie was funny because of Jason Sudeikis and Will Poulter.  I am sorry guys, but Jennifer Aniston did not perform to my liking.  The only thing that she seemed to be good at was her stripper dance that she performed in a scene during the movie.  So, now, I know why Rotten Tomatoes did not give this movie a thumbs up.

I would recommend going to see it though, everyone else in the movie did a really funny job.  There were a lot of scenes where you could not stop laughing.  So, if you have enough Scene points (1000) for that free movie, go see We're the millers.  Hats off to the young boy played by Will Poulter, he was incredible.  He kept you laughing and laughing and laughing, you get the point. LOL.

On that note boys and girls, I enjoyed my movie night and watching We're the Millers.  It may not be an Oscar movie, ok, it's not going to be an Oscar movie, but, it is a funny flick.  I am sure you will laugh at least once during this movie.

Until next time guys and girls.., remember to always  "just be will eventually one day pay off... "  (c) justbeingmeluvuholts

CHECK OUT THE POP STATION... how cool is this !!!!  ( ya ya, I need to get out more.. :)) )

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ray Donovan-- HBO Canada/Showtime new series ROCKS THE HOUSE !!!!

" They show case winning series like Entourage, The Soprano's, Nurse Jackie and now my friends, RAY DONOVAN!!! "

Hello Everyone.,

In today's post I need to tell you about the new series I watched on HBO Canada, Ray Donovan.  I was sick and flipping channels on my HD box and that's when I came across Ray Donovan.  I was already 6 episodes behind, but, I managed to catch up in a day.  Thank-you, for creating On Demand. LOL.

This series is amazing.  It has drama, exciting plots, incredible acting, did I mention drama? LOL.  It stars Liev Schreiber, who I have heard is married to Naomi Watts.  He is amazing in this show.  I have never seen him act before, sorry Liev, however, he has made me a fan.  He plays the main character on the show, his father is played by Jon Voight.  These two actors make this show a must see.  You must check your listings and find out when and where it is playing because you do not want to miss this series. 

It depicts how when you have money, anything is possible, or is it???  It takes you through the lives of the wealthy and how even they make mistakes, and boy do they make some interesting mistakes!  I do not want to give away too much of the show, but, I do want to say this, you will not be bored at ALL.  It is an hour of excitement and you want it to last longer.  I guarantee you that this will be another hit for Showtime.  I'm not sure if it will beat out The Soprano's or Entourage but, it definitely is a front runner for some awards.  Just so you know, I would not let your children watch this show.  Let's just say, these rich people on the show do some really, really, bad things. LOL. 

I do want to mention this, the main character Liev is married on the show with 2 children and that creates fabulous story lines.  Let's just say, he has to hide a lot of naughty things from his family.  It is a good thing, his wife on the show, played by Paula Malcomson, takes a lot of yoga classes. LOL.  She needs to breathe deeply living out in Calabasas in a big beautiful house.  Don't the Kardashians live out there too? Maybe, they'll make a guest appearance.  I'm kidding, this show has real actors who can act, that's my opinion folks.  This is far from a reality TV show, it is drama at its best.

So, when you get a chance boys and girls, watch Ray Donovan.  You will not be disappointed.  Thank you, Ann Biderman for creating this great series!  I wish you guys all the best on this show, I am sure you will win some awards!!

Until next time guys and girls... "remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually one day pay off..."   (c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Sunday, August 11, 2013

ELYSIUM, Starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster

" I LOVE AVX, Movies, TIME PLAY, and getting FREE MOVIES with Scene..."

Hello Everyone,

I am a movie goer.  What does this mean? LOL.  It means, that I usually go see a movie every weekend.  I LOVE the theatre AVX and I love playing time play at the beginning of the show.  Cineplex, thanks for time play!!  I love winning FREE stuff.  If you manage to get enough points and come in the top 10, they put your name on the BIG screen!! Whohooo..., guess who was number 8, this week?! Yup, ME!!!  Not only did I get 50 scene points but I won free French fries, so, let's just say my movie experience started off great this weekend!

On Friday night, we watched the movie ELYSIUM with Matt Damon and the legendary Jodie Foster.  I picked this movie based on the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, which I read every week, and because the movie was playing in AVX.  I was a bit worried based on the description of the movie, but, this movie shocked me.  It was really, really, good.  It had plenty of action, lots of hot shots of Matt Damon with no shirt on and the story line was impressive. 

Elysium, is the place at the ends of the earth to which certain favored heroes were conveyed by the gods after death.  You can call it heaven, or Nirvana but the meaning is clear.  This is a place for the hallowed and the privileged, the preferred and the elite.  ( description found on Flixster app, Rotten Tomatoes)

The hero of this movie, I'll give you one guess who that is? Yes, it's Matt., is the most sweetest guy.  He questions his existence and the movie goes on to describe the theory we are all here for a reason.  It is an amazing story of how this man uses his life to save the poor and his true loves daughter.  It has humor, love, action, and will keep you entertained for the full 2 hours.  You will not be bored at all during this flick, it will keep you jumping. ( Literally, I jumped out of my seat a few times ).  Matt Damon and Jodie Foster did a great job in this movie.  It is a must see, and you must see it in AVX. LOL.  Ok, so I am a fan of this new theatre.  The seats are comfortable and you can pick where you sit, what more do you need?? Besides, cheaper ticket prices.

I am recommending to all you readers out there, to get down to a movie theatre and watch this flick.  It will give you an opportunity to believe in goodness and remind you that life can be horrible but sometimes, you will get a chance to make a difference.  Everything happens for a reason, and when you start to doubt that very statement, watch Elysium it will bring you back to believing. 

Until next time guys and girls...., "remember to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off..."
(c) justbeingmeluvuholts

(Picture taken from Flixster, by Rotten Tomatoes)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spoon and Fork, IS my FAVORITE RESTAURANT!!!!!

" Let me guess, your going to Spoon and Fork again? "

Hello Everyone.,   This post is about my favorite restaurant of all time.  As I have told you in some of my previous posts, I LOVE food.  I can honestly say, I am picky about what I eat and when I should use the word love.  I do not just say, I love something unless I believe it 150%, and I'm telling you, I LOVE SPOON AND FORK !!!

The first time I walked into this restaurant, my heart skipped a beat.  It was love at first site.  It is so clean and beautifully decorated.  I was a bit worried as I do not like sushi or seafood and this is a Japanese/Thai restaurant.  However, was I surprised with this FOOD!!!  It is all you can eat, so, wear a pair of track pants and get ready to have some delicious treats.  I always eat more than I can but I have to go at least once a week, yes, I am a regular and yes, I am addicted to this place.

They have so much on their menu, that sushi and seafood is not even an issue for me.  They have the best rice, chicken, beef, tempura, vegetables and believe it or not their dessert is bloody fantastic!   I just discovered the dessert on my birthday when I went for the 4th time. LOL.  Ok, so, I got a lot of people to take me there for dinner.  Hey, everyone who has gone has always been happy and no one has ever complained, not even my parents.  Imagine, Italian parents at a Japanese restaurant.  If my dad liked it, you know you can dine there.  He must have ate 3 plates of calamari, so from what I've heard the fish is good. LOL. 

On my last visit to this restaurant, which was last week, by the way :)) , I had the best service.  Simon our waiter, was on point.  He was quick, knew the menu, listened to what I needed, (Kleenex) I get sniffles when I eat too much, don't ask, I'm weird. (haha) And came over, to check on us periodically.  He was a pure delight.  He even laughed at me as I gave my friend a tarot reading while we ate, she wanted a reading, I could not say no. :p  Diana, I hope you enjoyed your reading and our lunch at my favorite restaurant!!  I can not wait to go back again, I think about this place so much, my mind hurts at times. 

To the staff at Spoon and Fork, Simon, and Vivian, and all the other wonderful people, you were amazing.  I enjoyed, my lunch and you know I will be back!  So, people of Toronto, go eat at Spoon and Fork, and get ready to be amazed by great service and food.  They have a few locations, so, check out their website for locations.

Until next time guys and girls... "remember to always be yourself, it will eventually pay off..."  I think, I want to go again tomorrow LOL, talking about it, made me want it. Who am I kidding? I am always ready to go to SPOON AND FORK!!!   (c) justbeingmeluvuholts