Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yam Chops Event !! Vegetarian Butcher Shop!!

“I don’t eat no meat, no dairy, no sweets.  Only ripe vegetables, fresh fruit and whole wheat…” (Dead Prez)

Hello Everyone,

A few days ago I was invited to a Blogger event at this new, amazing vegetarian butcher and prepared foods store. Yam Chops is a vegetarian butcher shop! I know, it sounds crazy but I really loved their food.  It made me actually think about going healthy. LOL.

I got to sample an array of foods.  I have to say, I kept going back to get a Tuna-Less Tuna Slider. LOL.  Maybe, the word slider made me want more of this treat but I could not stop eating it.  It was made with Free Range Chick peas, dressed with vegan mayonnaise, dill pickle, red onion and nori.  It was mashed to a “tuna” like consistency.  I have to say, it tastes sooooo good.  I mean, I don’t even eat fish. LOL.  I know, it wasn’t actually tuna but it did taste like tuna.

I then sampled some of the Carrot Lox Bites.  WOWWWW. Delicious!! They were organic carrots marinated in a Smokey spice blend and baked to have a smooth texture.  It was served with cashew sour cresm, capers and dill.  Yam Chops, carrot lox bites has been acknowledged by wild salmon across Canada with a “Two pectoral Fins UP”!! Ha-ha!! I have to say, I was very impressed at this cute shop that came up with some great treats for all vegetarians and vegans. 

Now, I even took some things home to eat!! LOL.  That is how much I enjoyed the food at Yam Chops.  I bought myself some No pulled Pork, Veggie Burger and yes yes, an Italian “sausage”.  You knew I would somehow bring up the Italian food. LOL.

Yam Chops was gracious enough to give out goodie bags to all blogger’s. The goodie bags included their Mango Tamarind Chutney and Nothing but Heirlooms Tomato Sauce.  I have not yet tried these products but tonight guess who is having a Veggie Burger for dinner?!?  LOL

Thank you to Yam Chops for hosting such a fun event and for giving me an opportunity to learn about healthy foods. I enjoyed your Watermelon juice and all your amazing treats.  If you are vegetarian or vegan you must check out Yam Chops.  It has some amazing goodies that are healthy and taste fantastic! Believe it or not, I wish I bought some of that Tuna-less Tuna to take home.  I’m telling you, it was really tasty.  Great job yam chops, I almost want to become vegetarian. Ha-ha

Check out their website at they deliver boys and girls!! Not to where I live but if they can deliver to your home or office, try them!!!!

Until next time boys and girls, “remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off...”

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Here are some pictures of my evening at Yam Chops!!!



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fancy Franks Hot Dogs!! OMG!! Gourmet Hot Dogs!!

“Hot dog, hot dog, the problem’s solved…hot dog hot diggety dog...” (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Hello Everyone,

As a little girl, I can always remember loving hotdogs.  They always made me feel happy.  Ketchup, Relish, Mustard, all of it, made me one happy little girl.  Walking into Fancy Franks was like walking into heaven.  Their menu was like winning a lottery. LOL.  My head was spinning, not knowing which one to try.

Frankie Goes to Buffalo with Chicken Bacon, Carrots, Celery, Blue Cheese Dressing and Buffalo Wing Sauce was the winner.  That hot dog was sooooooooo good.  I have dreams of this hot dog.  I want another one soooooo bad.  Listen, I’m not just saying this because I love Hot Dogs, I’m telling you that Fancy Franks is a true gem. I wish they would open one up near my house!!!!!!

I was very lucky to get a chance to try their Fancy 90210 hot dog and also my friends their mini donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! My favorite was the Nutella and crushed Biscotti, but, I think I’m biased with that one because we all know, I’m Italian. You have to pick Nutella. Ha-ha. They were all delicious. We had a variety, the cinnamon sugar, lemon curd and strawberry and powdered sugar donuts. PLEASE, open a Fancy Franks near me!!!!! There are still so many things on the menu, I must try!

I want to thank everyone at Fancy Franks for treating me like a hot dog queen LOL.  Thank you, to Tuan, Vicky, Steven and the rest of the staff for making my experience a great one!! Fancy Franks, now has 2 locations.  You need to go try one soon! Here is their website for any information, you may need.

I hope, they open one soon near me. I mean a girl needs her gourmet Hot Dogs!! I have my eye on the Southern Fancy; it has pulled pork on it!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! If I am ever in the Bloor St area again, you better believe that I will be in Fancy Franks!

Until next time boys and girls, “remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off...”

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Here are my pictures from my amazing day at Fancy Franks!!!!