Wednesday, June 26, 2013


There's nothing better than a sunny day, a good sale, and a great staff to help you through out the store.

Hello Everyone,  Today I decided to finally venture out to attend a fabulous sale at Aritzia.  I must say, that I had the best sales people, who were not only knowledgeable but friendly and helpful.  I want to first start by saying, that I am so happy with my new clothes I bought for work.

Aritzia, has sales probably about twice a year, and anyone who shops there knows that they have great clothes that are comfortable and sexy.  With designers such as Marc Jacobs, Rag and Bone, J Brand, TNA, Hudson and so on, and so on, you can not go wrong.  I had so much fun today with the staff.  They treated me like a true princess.  They made me feel special and went above and beyond helping me, as I needed to get things not only for myself but for my sister.

I am a very talkative person at times., so thank you for putting up with me and thank you for all the great work at picking out clothes for myself and for my sister.  You guys, were great!!!  I can not wait to come back and shop there. 

I want to add that there were some great finds today.  I got Rag and Bone jeans that were on sale, plus they gave me an added 20% discount.  I can sleep a happy girl tonight.  Although, I am afraid of that Amex bill when it comes. LOL.

Aritzia, Vaughan Mills, you were a pleasure to deal with and I recommend to all you readers out there, to go shopping at this location!  They are so amazing!!!!

Remember guys and girls, to always " just be yourself..." it will eventually pay off.  It definitely did for me today, as I made some new friends at this great store. 

(c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Links of London ON SALE!!!

"There's nothing better than a great sale..., at Holt Renfrew."

Hello Everyone.,

Guess what I found out?? No, again no luck at the lottery but Holt Renfrew is having a great sale!  Links of London, one of their premier jewelry designers and one of my favorite lines, is having a 50% off sale.  You must go to Holt Renfrew, and take a look at this jewelry.  It is fabulous.

I can personally say that I own some great pieces from this line, and I constantly get asked where I purchased my bracelet or my ring or earrings, you get the point.  So, here is my secret.  I wait for Links of London to have their 50% off sale, I go down to Holt Renfrew, and I get one of those sales representatives behind the Links counter to wrap my pretty purchase in that beautiful Links box.

It is worth the price.  The quality on this line is unbelievable.  The customer service alone is worth the trip.  They always clean my jewelry when asked for free and always give me a pouch to store my pretty stuff. 

If your looking for a great gift for that special guy or girl, now, is the time to go to Holt Renfrew and splurge on some jewelry.  Or, if your feeling blue, and want to cheer yourself up, go get that blue friendship bracelet for yourself.  I know someone who did that very thing today, and are very happy with their purchase. LOL.  No, it was not me but, I can tell you this, they are very stylish and happy with their Links Of London bracelet.

Check out a Holt Renfrew near you and go to the Links of London counter before it's too late!!

Until next time guys and girls... remember, to always be yourself.. " it will eventually pay off. "    (c)justbeingmeluvuholts

Saturday, June 22, 2013

You will be missed, James Gandolfini

Hello Everyone,

Today's blog is not going to be like my usual posts.  I usually like to talk about things that make me happy and can make you laugh and feel good.  However, due to the death of James Gandolfini, I decided that I would write a brief tribute to this great actor and man.

On June 19th, 2013 in Rome Italy, one of the finest actors of all time, in my opinion, passed away.  Known for his great acting skills, and most popular role as "Tony Soprano", Mr. Gandolfini died allegedly of a heart attack while on vacation.  James was known throughout the world, as the man who won 3 Emmy's for his role as Tony Soprano on the HBO series.

I can not say enough about the show, his acting and all he has done for the acting world.  Every night, I can hear my Dad watching reruns of the Soprano's on TLN.   Mr. Gandolfini, was found in the bathroom reportedly by his 15 year old son who called paramedics.  He later died in hospital.  My heart goes out to his family, and especially to his young son.  I too, had an experience of this sort when my Dad suffered a heart attack.  I remember making that 911 call and seeing my dad on that gurney.  I remember it all, every minute of that day.  I am lucky and blessed that my father made it through and is still here with me.

When a man who is only 51 passes so sudden, it reminds us of how short life can be and how we must make the most of everyday.  Life, can be hard and sometimes we forget that we take the little things for granted because we are focusing on the difficulties and not the blessings.  James Gandolfini made his dreams come true, he was a man who gave back to his community and became a star around the world.  Gandolfini also appeared in movies such as "Get Shorty", "The Mexican", and "Zero Dark Thirty".

He leaves behind his wife Deborah Lin, who gave birth to the couple's daughter in October 2012.  He also leaves behind his teenage son from a previous marriage.

Rest In Peace James.  We send out our love and prayers to your family and friends.  We will not forget you.  You, have put life in perspective for us all. You, have reminded us to always reach for the stars and make dreams come true, and not just let life go by so we don't just live to not complain but so we live to fulfill our destiny with dignity and grace.  James Gandolfini, you will be sadly missed.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mr. Louboutin is COMING TO HOLTS!!!

" Your red sole is fantastic, it attracts guys like bees." (Christian Louboutin, Elle Canada Magazine, July 2013) 

Hello Everyone, something amazing has just come to my attention.  No, I'm not a lottery winner, but, Christian Louboutin, the famous shoe designer is going to make an appearance at Holt Renfrew!  Yes, Mr. Louboutin will be signing all regular priced purchases made on Fri. June 21st, 2013 at Holt Renfrew on 50 Bloor St. West.  He will be on the mezzanine from 4-6pm. 

This is an opportunity to meet the man who has made history by painting the red sole on his shoes.  As stated in my above quote, Mr. Louboutin has made this statement that he kept the red sole on his shoe, as women were saying it attracts guys like bees.  I think I need to go finally buy myself a pair of these shoes. :))
 He is an extraordinary figure to the fashion world, and as you know many celebrities are obsessed with his shoes.  Danielle Steel reportedly owns over 600 pairs of them.  I know, your all thinking 4-6pm, I will be at work still, CALL IN SICK, make an excuse to get off early, go meet this great man.  He is a legend in his own right.  Take all those pennies you put in that cookie jar, head down to Holt Renfrew and buy a pair of Louboutin's.  You might as well cash in those pennies, as you know the Canadian government is slowly eliminating the penny. LOL.

This man is so fantastic that the Toronto Design Exchange is celebrating 20 years of Louboutin's.  Yes, until September 15th 2013, over 20 years his fancy footwear will be displayed. So, let's show Kitty from China what real Louboutin's are worth.  Let's head down and honor this great man for his creativity and style. 

Oh, Holts, you always make my heart sing.  Maybe, now, I should go use those gift cards I have been saving.  I think I have my eye on his Daffodile shoe, yes, he names them all!!  Head down to Bloor St on June 21st and meet Christian Louboutin, it will be worth the trip.

Until next time guys and girls...Remember, to always be yourself.." it will eventually pay off.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day

"What do you get a man who means so much to you, and has everything ?"
Good Morning Everyone, I wanted to write today about Father's Day.  My Dad is one of the most important people in my life and every year it is getting harder and harder on what to get him for Father's Day. 

I have received some really amazing idea's in e-mail from different companies, and I wanted to share those idea's with all of you.  The other day, Chapter's sent me an e-mail on "Making your own beer!!??".  This may not be the ideal gift for my Dad, as he would rather drink wine or Sambuca, but when I read that email, it made me laugh.  If your interested in this, it comes with an instructional video.  Not to fear ladies and gents, it will walk you through creating beer for yourself.  I'm not a beer drinker, so to me, making my own beer sounds like too much work and I watched the video, it is a lot of work.  So, would your husband or dad stand by that stove and make his own beer?  If so, go to and you will be taught on how to create beer.

Now, I have to mention the love of my life, the yin to my yan, no not a man but my favorite store HOLT RENFREW!! Holt Renfrew has a really cool promotion this weekend!! If you have some gift cards from them, now, is the time to go spend them!  They are giving you 20% back on all gift cards you use from June 14-16.  I think, I just had a  I do have some gift cards to use, but, my dad does not even understand why anyone would buy designer products.  I will mention this, if your dad loves golf, Holt's has some amazing holts golf balls available, and all Holt Renfrew locations will have a custom Holt's putting green on site.  Interested yet?? Go to Holt Renfrew, and play a round of golf and while your there, check out their new men's section with great gift idea's from Hugo Boss, Burberry and GUCCI!!

I hope, I gave you some sort of idea's for Father's Day.  I'm going to stick to those lottery scratch tickets, my Dad can scratch them all day.  Scratch away Daddy, hope you hit that jack pot!! 

Until next time guys and girls...Remember, to always " just be yourself..", it will eventually pay off.
 (c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Boys In Blue...You Did GREAT!!!!

For the past few weeks, a lot of people have asked me: " What did you think of the Leafs?"
Hello Everyone., Today's entry is a response to all my friends and family who know I am a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan.  I want to first start by saying, I have never been more proud of a team.  They showed character and they fought hard.  I have been a leaf fan since I was a child.  I grew up watching the game with my cousins and I can remember always being disappointed of them losing.  I have to say, this year, even though my boys in blue did not beat the Boston Bruins, they came back from being down in the series 3 games to 1 to tie it.  I know, that the last game was heartache, and my hand still hurts from hitting my kitchen wall, however,  I am so proud of this young team.  I have never been more proud.  Look, the Leafs did better than Pittsburgh who went out 4 straight.  Boston is a tough team and will probably win the cup this year again, so, look at this way, we lost to the team who got to the finals and we almost had the series.  I can not wait to see this team in September!! GO LEAFS GO!!

OK, so now I will tell you a quick story from my childhood...When I was in high school my crush was Russ Courtnall, yes, I said Russ Courtnall.  One sunny afternoon, I remember it was a Sunday, I heard on the local radio that Russ was going to be signing autographs.  I did not hear where he was though!!  So, what did this 14 year old do?  I called every venue in the phone book to find him.  Yes, I found him.  I was at my Aunt's house with my family at the time.  I had to convince my parents and rest of the family to take me to see him.  Of course, they said no.  Being half calabrese, and half napolitane, "no" is not a part of my vocabulary.  I cried and cried and would not eat, yes, I was a spoiled kid, but come on it was Russ Courtnall and I wanted to meet him!!!!!  My uncle and father finally gave in, and we got in the car with my sister and cousins and drove 45 mins to meet my crush.  He was everything I wanted him to be LOL. We took pictures and he signed an autograph for me.  I was happy as can be., until we started driving home.  As I was babbling about how cute he was in the back seat, my sister threw up all over my Russ Courtnall Jersey.  I was covered in puke!

Point of the story, I love the Leafs, I am stubborn when I want something, and no one puked this year on me when they lost game 7.  So, to all the other Leaf fans out there, I BELEAF.  We will one day bring that cup to this city.  See you in September boys!!!

Until next time guys and girls...Remember, to always " just be yourself ".., it will eventually pay off.
 (c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Sunday, June 9, 2013


When all you think about during the night is what you had for dinner, you know it was good food. 
Good Morning Everyone, welcome to my second entry.  I have to start this entry by saying, I love food. LOL.  Anyone, who knows me well will confirm that very statement. 

After a long day at work, listening to Italian people complain, (I'm Italian, and I love my culture, so this is not a negative comment I am stating, it's just what happened during my day), I went to dinner to this new place, called Dimmi, that just opened in the area.  I have to say when we first walked in I was a bit hesitant.  It is a very small place, has nice d├ęcor but it was a bit claustrophobic.  We were immediately greeted by Raymond, the owner.  He was very friendly, but when he pulled out this small paper, which he had our reservation written on, I could not help but think, where am I? (LOL) Needless to say, the name was on the little paper, and we were seated immediately.  The waiter came over right away, the service was fantastic!!  Hold on though, it gets better, the food, the wine, WOW!  I think I just fell in love, not with Raymond but with the Fussili con pollo I ordered and the Pizza Buffala, I ate.  It was so much food, I could not finish it all, but I did take it home, and guess what I had for breakfast? :)  Yes, those fussili.  So, to the staff at DIMMI, I just finished all the fussili, you guys were so worried I was not eating them fast enough.  I enjoyed my Pinot Noir, I enjoyed the food, and I loved the service.

OHH, and before my friend at work asks me, yes, they do have risotto on the menu.  I hope to try it next time I decide to dine there. 

Check out their website..., , they have two great locations.

And a great big thank you to the two people who introduced me to this cozy little restaurant, you know who you are..., and thank you for sharing your dinner too.., LOL.   Love you both...hahaha. 
Until next time guys and girls... Remember,  to always " just be yourself ".., it will eventually pay off.
 (c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Monday, June 3, 2013

Just Starting Out

Good Morning Everyone.,

This is my first official post.  Please, be nice as I have never done this before.  I am someone who speaks her mind, maybe sometimes, I say too much. lol.  My excuse is I'm Gemini, I love to talk.  However, I've always believed you should just be yourself, hence, the name of my blog is just being me. 

I was going to create a fashion blog, as a lot of people have told me I'm great with fashion but I decided that I have too much to talk about and I did not want to just share my thoughts about Holt Renfrew, Gucci, Tory Burch, Christian Louboutin, Dior, Burberry, Tiffany's, Links of London, Elie Tahari....and so on and so on.  I told you, I love fashion.  On that note, I will start this blog, with a fashion story.

As I checked my email this morning, I saw the coolest idea ever.  Manolo Blahnik, is allowing women to create their own shoe!!!  Genius.  Not only are these shoes, amazing, comfortable, stylish but now, I can design my own?!  Well, you get to choose the colour, from 20 being offered, the height, and you have 5 different style designs to choose from.  Your not actually going to be Geppetto and build a shoe from scratch. In my opinion, that is worth any price.  How many times, have we put on shoes and thought, I wish they were a little higher? or I wish the colour was different?  As many of us women saw Carrie on Sex in the City obsess over this shoe designer, I can tell you that his shoe is fabulous.  So, I ask women out there, are you excited to create your own shoe? I for one, am curious to see how other designers compete with this idea and sorry guys, the email was sent to me by Neiman and Marcus in the states, so, HOLTS catch up... I want to make my own Manolo's!! Too bad, we can't design our own man.  LOL.

Website is They do deliver to Canada, and I have to add they have great customer service. 

Here's to Made to Order Blahniks!! Men, listen up, do not tell your girlfriend or wife, that you can get a great knock off for her by someone named Kitty, who can get any designer you want.   The shoes will probably be horrible and will smell, true story.  Yes, someone I know did order knock offs from Kitty, and yes they smelled and girls, he wanted to spray cologne on them to cover the smell. 

Let us hope, that Canada will have this opportunity soon.

Until next time guys and girls...Remember, to always " just be yourself." Yes, it sounds corny, but, I have learned that being yourself, can pay off. LOL. 

(c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Check out the pretty Manolo's....