Sunday, June 9, 2013


When all you think about during the night is what you had for dinner, you know it was good food. 
Good Morning Everyone, welcome to my second entry.  I have to start this entry by saying, I love food. LOL.  Anyone, who knows me well will confirm that very statement. 

After a long day at work, listening to Italian people complain, (I'm Italian, and I love my culture, so this is not a negative comment I am stating, it's just what happened during my day), I went to dinner to this new place, called Dimmi, that just opened in the area.  I have to say when we first walked in I was a bit hesitant.  It is a very small place, has nice décor but it was a bit claustrophobic.  We were immediately greeted by Raymond, the owner.  He was very friendly, but when he pulled out this small paper, which he had our reservation written on, I could not help but think, where am I? (LOL) Needless to say, the name was on the little paper, and we were seated immediately.  The waiter came over right away, the service was fantastic!!  Hold on though, it gets better, the food, the wine, WOW!  I think I just fell in love, not with Raymond but with the Fussili con pollo I ordered and the Pizza Buffala, I ate.  It was so much food, I could not finish it all, but I did take it home, and guess what I had for breakfast? :)  Yes, those fussili.  So, to the staff at DIMMI, I just finished all the fussili, you guys were so worried I was not eating them fast enough.  I enjoyed my Pinot Noir, I enjoyed the food, and I loved the service.

OHH, and before my friend at work asks me, yes, they do have risotto on the menu.  I hope to try it next time I decide to dine there. 

Check out their website..., , they have two great locations.

And a great big thank you to the two people who introduced me to this cozy little restaurant, you know who you are..., and thank you for sharing your dinner too.., LOL.   Love you both...hahaha. 
Until next time guys and girls... Remember,  to always " just be yourself ".., it will eventually pay off.
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