Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is this the end for Dolce and Gabbana???

" I LOVE your perfume, what are you wearing??... You smell so good, what is it that you have on?? "

Hello Everyone.,

I get asked on a daily basis what I'm wearing that smells so good, so here is my secret.  I am wearing LIGHT BLUE by Dolce and Gabbana.  I have been wearing this fragrance for over 6 years now.  It is my favorite scent.  In fact, it is the only perfume I can wear as I am allergic to all the other fragrances I have tried.   I have been trying for years to find another scent and have not been successful.  The point of all of this you ask.? LOL.  I heard by several sources that Dolce and Gabbana are having financial issues. The thought of this perfume and line not being able to produce anymore is heart breaking.   

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were found guilty of tax evasion.   Their empire is now at a cross roads.  Is it over for this dynamic duo?  Is it the end for these two amazing Italian designers?

On the weekend, I decided to take advantage of Shopper's Drug Mart's promo of spending over $75 and receive $25 of optimum points back.  (Yes, Shopper's was recently bought out by Loblaws, who by the way are the Westons, who own HOLT RENFREW!!! That's another write up for another day. :p)  I had the most amazing rep at the perfume section at Shopper's.  Claudia, thank you for helping me load up on points and thank you for putting 2 bottles of this perfume on hold for me, so I could come back and purchase it the next day and get more points!!!  Needless to say, I have enough points now to buy another bottle for FREE!  I love FREE STUFF !!!

I hope that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana can win their appeal and this company remains the power house that they created.  In Italy, two appeals are possible.  This means, these two icons have a shot at keeping my perfume on the shelf!!!!  Please, don't take away my LIGHT BLUE!! What would I do if they did?? It would be such a horrible thing, I mean, not only would I suffer but think about the people around me?  It is difficult as it is to find a good guy out there, if you take away my perfume, it will get even harder! LOL.

D&G, I love your clothes, shoes, and most of all YOUR LIGHT BLUE.  It has made me happy through out the years and brought a smile to my face.  I hope, you can win this battle and you are around for many more years...but, just in case this girl is stocking up on LIGHT blue!!

Until next time guys and girls... remember to always "just be yourself "... it will eventually pay off....

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

TORONTO...Someone, brought their SEXY BACK LAST NIGHT!!

"I'm bringin' sexy back..them other boys don't know how to act.  I think it's special what's behind your back...., So turn around and I'll pick up the slack....." (Justin Timberlake)

Hello Everyone.....!!!!  Last night, was amazing !!  If you do not follow Justin Timberlake or Jay Z, start doing so!!  They kicked off their Legends of the Summer Tour in my city TO!!!!!!  I am so blown away by the performance last night that I woke up singing and dancing and I'm still sweating from the heat.  It was so hotttttttt in there, and if I did not have that hair tie, thanks Di.., I would have fainted from all the sweat. 

The night was perfect from the music, to the shots of patron we had before the show, to the best cab ride ever, it was pure fun! You know, it will be a sweaty night when we have to tell the cab driver Ali, to please "sir" can you put the air conditioning up? LOL..  Best line of the night...hats off to my sis for saying it, to both cabbie's.  Btw, Ali, was the most entertaining cabby I have ever had.., when we first sat in the cab, I had deja vu.  I thought I was back in Acapulco.  He got us to the venue in record time, despite all the traffic on the Gardiner.  This guy is a genius, he followed the ambulance in front of us, it was like getting an escort to the event! :)) Ali, does Safety Drive as well, so, if you need him to drive you home after a night of drinking, call him up! You and your keys, will come and get you wherever you are...his number is 647 831 3676.  Mention Niki, you will get a deal!  I'm serious this time, say my name...oh wait wrong singer...hahaha.

Justin, my love, you made it worth all the sweat last night.  Your dancing was incredible.  Your rendition of New York, New York made me a Yankee fan lol, and the red stage was stunning! It was a great start to the summer, and those 2 boys last night rocked down Roger's Centre in style.  They had us moving all night and they sang their hearts out for over 2 hours, it felt longer.  It was worth the price of the ticket.  The encore of Sexy Back and Forever Young was outstanding. 

If this tour is coming to a city near you...GO SEE IT !!!!  I'm telling you, it will bring your sexy back and then some.  You will even get a chance to purchase Justin undie's to wear to bed..LOL.  Yup, I bought them!!

Until next time guys and girls.... "just be yourself..., it will eventually pay off..."

"FOREVER YOUNG...I want to be forever young!!!"
Check out my Justin Undies !! Luv U JUSTIN!!!!
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Monday, July 15, 2013

We're Off to See The Wizard.....

"We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OZ...."

Hello Everyone, I have some great news for anyone who is into musical theatre.  If you have not seen the musical The Wizard of Oz, now, is the time to go see this production.  From July 16th-August 4th, you can buy great seats for $59 using the code FINAL6. 

I personally saw this production, and I enjoyed the play immensely.  Toto, is a real dog. LOL.  It was the most well behaved trained dog I've seen.  I am told, they used 3 dogs during the performance, but, you honestly, could not tell nor did it matter.  The play was fun, lively, entertaining and made you want to get up and sing.  So, you might want to go with people who can sing. hahaha.

As a child, I grew up watching this movie every year as a treat for being a "good girl", so, I am probably byist in saying I loved it.  Dorothy, was a great performer and the decor was well done.  I enjoyed, the set, the singing, and munch en land.  My only complaint is that I wish they served something other than popcorn and ice cream during intermission.  Who wants to eat a Hagen Daz while sitting in a seat at the theatre?  If your anything like me, that ice cream will end up all over your clothes and ruin the night.  LOL.  Yes, we had a tide to go in our purses but still, I wanted to eat something that was not messy.  I would have preferred a hot dog. (yes, I love hot dogs) :P

I do want to commend them for having alcohol available.  I did not drink any but I did want to get a rye and coke, it would have made the play more lively. :)

So, Toronto, go see this play before it's gone.  There are only 6 weeks left!!  You can order tickets by calling 1800 461-3333 and use code FINAL6 to get your discount on tickets.  Tell them Niki sent you, hahaaa.  I'm kidding.  By the way, this is not a show for any child under the age of 6, so, please, do not take young children who can not stay sitting for over 2 hours.

SO...Toronto...GO SEE THE WIZARD OF OZ.........

Until next time guys and girls, remember, to always be yourself...." It will eventually pay off..."
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Starbucks--NEW Refresher

"When it's really hot and you need to quench your thirst, go get a Valencia Orange Refresher."
Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while since my last post.  I discovered something truly amazing last week.  After a long day, I decided to go through the drive thru at Starbucks and I ordered a Valencia Orange Refresher.  When I took a sip of this drink, it felt like an explosion of orange.  It made me so happy.  It was cool, refreshing and honestly, it tastes like orange heaven.  I have no idea what orange heaven is, lol, I just know that this drink, made me one happy girl.

I am not a coffee drinker, in fact, that is why I enjoy Starbucks.  They have so much on their menu, and the staff understands my order every time, so I enjoy going.  I have never been disappointed with their service nor the quality of the beverages.  This drink however, has me up at night wanting more.  I keep thinking about the taste of orange in a cool icy glass. 

Before, the summer ends, please try this drink!  It rocks the house.  It will make you want to become a Starbucks gold card member, which by the way will give you free drinks when you collect 12 stars. :))  Starbucks, you have once again won me over with one of your new drinks.  I am very happy that you have developed the Valencia Orange Refresher.  I will be back tomorrow ( lol ) and this time, I'm ordering a Venti !!  I hope, I get a free one... hahahaaa.

Until next time guys and girls.." remember, to always be yourself...one day it will pay off..."
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