Thursday, February 26, 2015

Outdoor Adventure Show --- Rockclimbing, Zipline!!!

“Keep Calm and Climb on...” (Said everyone watching me climb at the show...LOL)
Hello Everyone,
This past weekend The Outdoor Adventure Show was held at the International Centre.  Now, anyone who knows me, will say you went to a show that has the word: “Outdoors” in it?  LOL.  Ok, so I am not a camper and I’m scared of water, and yes, I am terrified of heights.  However, when I saw the advertisements for this show, I was really intrigued.
When I arrived at the show, I immediately saw a booth that was offering kids the option to participate in a scavenger hunt.  The scavenger hunt allowed kids an opportunity to win prizes while learning about the great outdoors.  I was impressed immediately.  It’s always nice when events have games and fun things to do for the kids.   
All I could think about was that Zip Line and the Rock Climbing being offered to guests.  As we walked over to the Zip Line, I was trying to convince myself it wasn’t that high but I AM TERRIFIED of heights.  Although, it did not look that high, to me, it was like starring at mount Everest.  I figured, hey, if I can rock climb successfully, I will face my fears and try Zip line too.  Guess where we went to next? LOL.
Rock Climbing looked easy breezy, ya right.  LOL. I stood there and watched all the kids climbing this wall like they had no fear.  I on the other hand, had fear.  Audrey made it to the top.  This little girl was fearless.  She gave me hope, that I too could climb this wall.  So, I want to congratulate Audrey for being a true champion.  I tried to climb the wall, I really did.  I suited up, put on the helmet and started my climb.  They say when climbing, “Don’t look down.” What does Niki do? Yes, I looked down.  I know I’m stubborn.  As soon, as I saw I was getting higher, I wanted to just come down.  Oh, I came down all right.  I fell right on my butt.  LOL.  I did actually like it, until I looked down. So, yes, try Rock Climbing, and next time I will try Zip Line too. Ha-ha.
Now, I have to tell you about YOGA FLIGHT!!!! Oh my God! I love yoga but this was out of this world.  Thank you, Slade for helping me try this fabulous yoga. It was amazing.  I felt like I was flying.  I never trust anyone, but, I trusted Slade.  LOL.  I felt calm, free and most of all relaxed.  Sky and Slade, you guys made my day!! I can’t wait to try yoga flight again soon.
I had an amazing time at the Outdoor Adventure show.  I even got to sit on a Motorcycle again!  Thank you, learning curves for trying to convince me, I should get a Motorcycle license.  LOL.  Maybe, I will come by one day soon.
I need to quickly mention the food.  LOL.  You all know by now, I am obsessed with food.  The show, does offer samples of different foods.  I enjoyed the cheese, hot sauce, peanut butter and chopped Kale.  The Kale actually tasted like Rapini.  And that my friends, is my Italian mention for the day. 
I am already looking forward to next year.  Thank you, Rachel and to the Outdoor Adventure show for my media passes. This is an incredible show and next year, I will conquer my fear and get on that Zip line.  Toronto, make sure to go to this show the next time it is in town!  In fact, the show is now heading to Vancouver. for information.  Until next time boys and girls, “remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually one day pay off...”
I saved the best for last, my pictures!!!
Teaching me to calm down, LOL
How Strong is Slade? LOL
Sky & Slade, Yoga Flight
Suiting up for Rock Climbing
Ya, I landed on my butt--ha-ha
Look at Audrey GO!!
Congrats Audrey! You're a Rock Star girl!!
I think I may have to learn how to ride, LOL
Learn how to Scuba Dive!!
I always find the food!!
Kale.  See, it looks like Rapini.
Yes, it's a dog in a canoe.
Zip Line
Best way to end the day, Lemonade

Saturday, February 14, 2015


“There’s a whole lot of happy, in a JAR of NUTELLA…..SPREAD the happy!!” (Words from Nutella Commercial, the MSL group)
Hello Everyone!
Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!! I wanted to “spread the happy” on this special day with a blog on this fantastic event I attended last week, NUTELLA FACE 2015.  I have to congratulate the organizers of this event, Jenny, David and Vanessa.  It was creative, fun and most of all tasty!!! We had NUTELLA ALL NIGHT LONG BABY!!!
The menu for the night consisted of: Fried Ravioli with Nutella Sauce, Wild Boar Nutella Sliders, Plantain Nutella Spring rolls, Mini Chicken & Nutella Focaccia Sandwiches, Nutella Arancini, a tremendous NUTELLA spread station AND THE BEST FOR LAST A NUTELLA DESSERT STATION!!!! Yes, it was a lot of food.  It was definitely an ITALIAN event. LOL.
I admit my eyes went straight for the dessert.  I’m weak, what can I say?  Once I tasted those Nutella Zeppole by Sweet Boutique my night was complete.  Firecrackers went off in my head and mouth. WOWWWWWWW, I LOVED THEM!!!!  I must congratulate Anthony, the owner of Sweet Boutique for adding 5 more pounds to my weight. Ha-ha.
I really did enjoy Nutella Face 2015.  I never thought Nutella could be used in so many foods.  The creativity at this event was mind blowing.  The wild boar Nutella sliders were tasty.  The mini chicken & Nutella Focaccia Sandwiches were a delight and right when I was just about to leave I had to taste the Fried Ravioli with Nutella Sauce.  YUMMMMMMMMY!!
Thank you Jenny, I loved the event.   You truly have the best NUTELLA FACE.  The award goes to you girl!!  I am not just saying this because you are Calabrese. LOL.   
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Enjoy, your day of love. Eat a lot of NUTELLA today!!
Until next time boys and girls; “remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually one day pay off...”
Here are my pictures from Nutella Face 2015.  WARNING, once you see them, you will want NUTELLA!! HAHAHA.
Nutella Face 2015.  Award goes to JENNY!!!! Calabresella Girls. LOL
NUTELLA Zeppole!!! OMG!! Loved them Anthony from Sweet Boutique
Told ya, I was obsessed with those Zeppole. LOL
Carlos from Ely Products
Mini Chicken & Nutella Focaccia Sandwiches
Fried Ravioli with Nutella sauce
Nutella Arancini---AKA, Rice Balls
I'm Ending my Pictures with the delicious Zeppole!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Toronto Tea Festival. Kept me SOOO WARM!!

“The factories may be roaring, with the boom-a-laka but there isn’t any roaring when the clock strikes Four, everything stops for tea.” (Jack Buchanan)
Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all staying warm.  I had the extreme pleasure to warm up at this fantastic event last weekend.  The Toronto Tea Festival was held at the Toronto Reference Library.  It was a day of sipping and slurping.  I seriously loved it.  LOL.  Since, this was my first year attending this event, I had no expectations.
This event did not just have samples of tea.  It had scones, cookies, honey, jelly, anything and everything made from tea! I was stunned.  I never thought I could enjoy tea so much.  I really LOVE TEA.  The event also featured different tea ceremonies.  I had the privilege to watch the Korean ceremony.  I also had the opportunity to speak with little Sienna.  What a doll!!!  She was so cute and polite, and did a fantastic job in the ceremony.  Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when my friend knew some words in Korean.  LOL.  She kind of did what I usually do, when someone speaks Italian. Ha-ha. 
So, did someone say Italian? Yes, I found the cutest espresso makers.  They were PINK!!  Even though, I loved those Pink Espresso makers, I have to say the highlight of my day was the fantastic tea.  David’s Tea just released the flavor, cherry blossom. YUMMMY!!!! Not only did I enjoy drinking the tea, but, I saw this amazing tea that opens up like a flower.  It was so pretty!  I did purchase some of the flower tea, but, sadly, I did not make it yet. 
I cannot go to an event without mentioning the food.  LOL.  When I first arrived I had the pleasure of meeting Raelene Gannon.  She has a cook book that has recipes with tea.  AMAZED?!  I am.  As soon as I try these recipes, I will let you all know if they are worth a try! I do want to thank T-Buds Toronto, their chocolate scones were incredible.  T-buds Toronto does have an uptown tea lounge.  I hope I can go to see this lounge soon.  I am now a Tea addict. LOL.  Ok, the scones and food went down smoothly too. (Wink)  
I was obsessed with Cherry last weekend.  It started at David’s Tea and continued throughout the day.  Loved the Cherry Tea Jelly and also loved the Cherry Vegan Lip Balm from Bare English & Co. Thank you, Bare English, my Tinted Cherry Lip Balm is keeping my lips moist!!! Bare English does in fact have a huge selection of flavors, as soon as I try them; you know I will tell you what I think!
I want to thank Lisa and Rita from the Toronto Tea Festival.  I enjoyed my media passes and enjoyed my day at the Toronto Tea Festival.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend this event!  I hope to see you both next year!! I LOVE TEA!!!!!!
Until next time boys and girls, “remember to always just be yourself, it will eventually one day pay off…” AND now, ladies and gents, my pictures!!! ©justbeingmeluvuholts  
My Goodie Bag!! I LOVE TEA!!
Thanks David's Tea, LOVED your CHERRY Blossom tea
The Girls from David's Tea
Pink Espresso Maker, SO CUTE!!!
Little Sienna! What a Doll!!
Korean Tea Ceremony
How pretty!! The Flower Tea!!
Lip Balm from Bare English
Chocolate Scone, delish!!
Told ya, a Cookbook with Tea recipes!! LOL
I had to take a pic with this mystery man. Yes, he was charming. LOL
Loved Sienna!! Ending my pictures with her! LOL