Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica

“One Love! What about the one heart? One heart! What about? Let’s get together and feel all right…” (Bob Marley)

COME TO JAMAICA and feel alright….

Hello Everyone!!

WOW.., it feels like it’s been forever since I left Jamaica.  I miss it so much!!  I wanted to share with you all the experience I had at the Grand Bahia Principe.  After, our first night and our amazing New Year’s, we enjoyed another incredible breakfast and sunny day.

My friend at WestJet, Jennifer had given me some amazing tips on the hotel.  She mentioned the jerk shack that was located on the beach.  We ventured out to this shack, and it was really cute.  My only issue was the birds, and the crab that almost followed us back to the room. LOL.  Yes, a crab! I think my friend and I screamed so loud, that Toronto heard the yelling.  The chicken was great and I have to say the hotel has the best ICE TEA EVER!!!

You can have 3 a la carts during your one week stay.  I want to thank the Grand Bahia for giving us 5. LOL.  Our first restaurant was the Mikado, Tapanyaki.  Thank you again, for letting us enjoy this restaurant twice!! This restaurant not only has amazing food but the show the chef gives you is incredible.  I got to eat double the rice, double the chicken and double the beef.  I told you, I LOVE food. Hahaha.  We drank wine, a lot of wine. LOL.  We sang with the group of 12 sitting with us, and we ate like champions.

I was very pleased with our first a la carte experience and I recommend this restaurant and this hotel to you all!!! I will be telling you more of my week at the Grand Bahia in the days to come, so stay tuned…you do NOT want to miss my adventures!!

Until next time boys and girls….” Remember, to always be yourself, it will eventually pay off…” © justbeingmeluvuholts

“Could you be loved and be loved?”  (Bob Marley)  

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