Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The WESTJET way!!! Come to Jamaica mon !!!!!

" ONE LOVE ! ONE HEART ! Let's get together and feel all right..." ( Bob Marley)

Hello Everyone,

Dec 20th 2013, I called WestJet and spoke with the sweetest, kindest rep ever.  Jennifer Powell was an outstanding representative.  Jennifer gave me so much information regarding the trip I planned to Jamaica that was booked for Dec 30th.  She was friendly and made me proud that I booked with West Jet.  I was already excited about going to Jamaica but after speaking with Jennifer, I knew it was going to be a great time.

The day of Dec 30th, I was greeted by Jocelyn at the West Jet counter who was amazing!!!!  She made me feel special and gave me and my friend the VIP seating.  Susanna, the customer service manager also greeted us and honestly, I felt like a queen.  WESTJET YOU rock!!

Once I boarded, I was greeted by the pilots and my favorite flight attendant EVER!!  Priscilla, my sweet, you were incredible.  Thank you, for the great service.  I loved the tablets that we were given to view movies.  I loved the wine girl, you hooked us up!! I loved all the snacks from cookies, to pringles, to pretzels to sandwiches.  By the way everyone, you have to try their Italian sandwich.  It was delicious, being from an Italian family, we have huge standards.  It was a GOOD sandwich!!  That was the best flight I ever took. LOL.  The turbulence is still on my mind but that wine helped me relax. Hahaha.

Demar who also sat with us, enjoyed his flight.  This boy reminded me of a famous rapper.  You are styling my friend. LOL   I hope that you enjoyed your trip because I have to tell you that our trip started off great with WESTJET.  It set the bar high. : p

Thank you, to the WESTJET team! I love you all!!

Stay tuned everyone; I will be telling you all in the weeks to come about how my week went down in Runaway Bay.

Until next time boys and girls, remember to always be “yourself, it will eventually pay off…” OH YAAA….it did for me BIG time on my vacation!!
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