Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Terra Cotta Cookie Company!!!

“C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me...OH, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C. “(Sesame Street)

Hello Everyone,

On May 13th 2014, I had the best experience.  I got to tour a cookie company and got to see how cookies are made.  Not only did this great company allow me to tour their facilities, I got to EAT COOKIES!!! LOL.  I need to begin my post with thanking Terra Cotta Cookies for welcoming me and would like to thank one of my amazing followers on twitter @candlemom3 who suggested I try these great cookies!

There is so much work involved in packaging and making cookies.  The atmosphere at Terra Cotta Cookies was like one big happy family.  Everyone has a specific job, and everyone works in harmony. Did you know that cookies need to be weighed? They even need to make sure they are proportional when designed before baking.  Get this guys and gals, they need to go through a metal detector after packaging! Yup, I saw the metal detector! SOOOOO COOL!!! I felt like I was on an episode of Rosanne, when they had to assemble products. Ha-ha. My favorite part was trying the cookies. Desiree is product developer at Terra Cotta Cookies.  She gets to taste cookies to make sure, they taste just right.  I even got to try a few and give them my input. LOL.  I have no idea if she liked my suggestions but I will be waiting for my World Cup cookie!! (Wink)

This is a great company who does so much work with fundraising activities.  If you are looking for a cookie company to help you raise money for your event, you need to give Kym a shout.  She can give you so much information on how to raise funds for your school, charity or your tummy! LOL. 

I know, you want to know if Terra Cotta Cookies has Gluten Free products. Yes, yes GLUTEN FREE products are available!! They have more than cookies, they have cookie dough, muffins, cakes, cupcakes, and so much more!  This is a peanut and nut free environment boys and girls and they are H.A.C.C.P certified.  They also sell dough drops.  Dough drops are for people like me, who just want to act like they “baked” LOL.  Place the drop of dough on the baking pan and bake away!! Perfect, for busy moms! They are open to the public!! For any other information on this great company, please visit their website at

Thank you Kym and the Terra Cotta Cookie Family for having me. I enjoyed eating all those cookies! My family enjoyed all your cookies!  I cannot wait to see my World Cup cookie and to see your yummy seasonal holiday designs.

Until next time boys and girls remember, “ to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off.” ©justbeingmeluvuholts

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Here are my pictures from this fantastic day!!!!!