Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fundraiser Gala in honor of JOEY CONTE! Firefighters, & MORE...LOL

"There’s a hero, if you look inside your heart.  You don’t have to be afraid of what you are….And then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on….” (Mariah Carey)
Hello Everyone!
Today I am honoring a very special individual and charity, The Joey Conte Foundation.  I wanted to dedicate this blog to his legacy and to the charity his family & friends have created in his honor. When I attended the motorcycle super show earlier this year, I met some of Joey’s firefighter friends.  These boys were there to raise money in his honor for Sick Kids Hospital.  I thought it was sweet and I had to help by not only purchasing a calendar but also by purchasing gala tickets for April 17th 2015. 
Joseph Conte, known as Joey, died in a tragic accident on October 24th 2011.  He had a passion for outdoors, animals and children.  His dream was to become a firefighter.  Due to Joey’s loving nature, his family and friends created the JCF foundation.  They donate all money raised to Sick Kids hospital, burn unit.  They have raised approximately $49,000 to date and are having their 4th annual Charity Gala on April 17th at Paramount Conference & Event Venue.  When I heard about this event, I just had to lend a helping hand.  I encourage you all to come out to this event and meet his friends and family, and help Sick Kids hospital.  If you cannot make it to the gala, please, please purchase one of the amazing calendars made in his honour!  100% of proceeds go to the hospital.  For information on where to buy one of these fantastic calendars or a gala ticket, please go to the website: or contact
Now, I had to have a little fun and wanted to find out why Joey loved the idea of being a firefighter so much! LOL.  Yes, yes, his best friend Danny was nice enough to invite me to the fire station.  I had a great day watching and learning about fire safety.  I have to say, these boys are strong!!!  Danny, let me put on his hat and that thing weighs more than me.  LOL.  I have always had tremendous admiration for let’s just say: “911 boys and girls” LOL I never realized however, how strong and in shape fighter fighters are. WOWWW.  Impressive!  My heart will always have a special place for anyone doing this line of work. 
So, go get yourself a calendar. I have mine in my room signed and hanging on the wall, (wink), OR come out to the gala and enjoy “A Night in Tuscany”.  Yes, yes, it will be an Italian meal and night.  What can I say?  I love my Italian food.  Ha-ha. Help raise money for the Sick Kids Burn & Plastic Unit, and help the JCF foundation keep Joey’s memory alive. I am told there will be a special guest appearance.  I do not know who but I am sure the night will be a fun filled evening.
Until next time boys and girls...”remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually one day pay off…”  I hope I see you all at the gala on April 17th 2015.  Now, I hope, you check out my pictures with the firefighters!!! Calling, 911…..LOL   (c)justbeingmeluvuholts
My Friend and I enjoying our day at the FIRESTATION
Danny, The Fire Fighter (Yes, he's Italian, LOL)
Can you believe they don't have poles anymore!! Just the Red truck..LOL
I had to wear my Lupul jersey, while I still can. :(
Group shot...sorry, Tony, you weren't working..LOL.
My Calendar. See, Tony, I did not forget you...Ha-ha.
Go Get yourself a calendar everyone! Support, the cause!
Yes, it's personally signed...hahahaha