Thursday, March 19, 2015

Casa Manila Amazing Filipino Restaurant in Toronto !!

“Wherever you go, habit follows...” (Filipino Proverb)
Hello Everyone,
Before I write every blog, I always place a quote or saying on top of my writing.  I chose this quote, because it described my night at Casa Manila.  I have never been to the Philippines, nor have I ever tried Filipino food before, except for sky flakes.  Ha-ha  However, when I listened to Mila, the owner of this quaint and charming restaurant speak, I knew that habit followed her throughout this restaurant.  I knew that Casa Manila in Toronto was a product of authentic Filipino traditions.
Media night was incredible.  We ate so much food.  Mila, explained to all of us that their tradition is to make sure there is always enough food left over to take home.  I can honestly say there was enough food for the whole restaurant to take home. LOL  I was blown away by the service and the polite staff.  I could not believe how caring and passionate Mila was about her culture and her restaurant.  This is truly a restaurant owner who believes in pleasing her customers, and that my friend is priceless.
We all were invited to try and participate in the Kamayan style dinner.  What does that mean?  We all ate with our hands.  LOL.  Now, at first I thought I don’t have my tide to go with me LOL, but, surprisingly enough I ate the food without dropping it all over myself.  Maybe, this style of dinner is the way to go, I mean it saves on washing utensils and I actually enjoyed it.
We ate rice, chicken, pork face (yes, pork face), flying fish, sooooooo many vegetables, soup and last but not least we had the biggest dessert, I have ever seen.  If you go to Casa Manila, you must try this dessert, Halo Halo.  It is a huge trifle bowl filled with over a dozen ingredients.  How good was this dessert? Let’s just say one of my fellow bloggers would not leave until she got to eat some of it.  LOL.
I had a fantastic time.  I loved Mila and her staff.  I am also impressed with the new product line of cooking sauces that Mila is launching.  The sauce flavors include a Creamy Coconut Ginger, an Adobo Sauce and a delicious Peanut Sauce. We all had the opportunity to try all three sauces with our foods.  We also were blessed to take one of these great sauces home.  I chose the Peanut Sauce after much deliberation; it was hard to pick just one.  LOL.  I love the Savoury Peanut sauce.  In fact, I had some this week with some chicken I made for dinner.
Would I go back to Casa Manila?  You better believe I would.  I am already planning on going on Karaoke night. That’s right everyone, they have Karaoke on Saturday nights! Get yourself a pitcher of Calamansi Mojito Cocktails to go with dinner and get ready to eat and sing like a ROCK STAR!!!  
I want to thank everyone at Casa Manila for the fantastic service and meal.  I hope you all have an opportunity to go and try the Kamayan style dinner.  It is an experience you will never forget. 
Until next time boys and girls, “remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually one day pay off...” 
Now, you have to see my pictures of ALL THE FOOD WE ATE!!!  LOVED IT!!! 
Mila, The owner of Casa Manila & I (NIKIS)
Kamayan Style Dinner! I told you we ate like CHAMPS!!
Our Table on Media Night
Fish--LOL.  Ya, I did not eat it.  Ha-ha, But I heard it tasted great.
Cooking Demo by one of the greatest waiters!!
Love those Chili Peppers!! Reminds me of Calabria--HAHA
Calamansi Mojitos
I got to finally meet one of my previous contest winners, Adrienne!!
Love those Chili Peppers
Every time they took out the Kamayan style dinner, they beat this drum!!!
Chicken skin--They cook everything!!!!!
I did it!!!! NO MESS!!!! YAHOOOO
Pork Face.  I did eat it! It was good.
My Cocktail !! Delicious!
Trying the new sauces by Mila
Soup was incredible
How cute is Mary? LOL.  Thank you, for the media invite!!
New Sauces
The Sauce I chose to take home, YUM
Halo Halo...DESSERT!!!!!!
Thank you, Casa Manila for the amazing meal & gift!!!!! XOX