Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sanctuary International Day SPAS

" Hello Niki .., How are you today? I will check you in.  Would you like a tea or some water while you wait? "

Hello Everyone.,

Today's post I have decided that I wanted to tell you about my place " away from home. "  I have been to numerous spas and this spa is different.  I say different because it feels like family to me.  Everyone, knows my name says hello to me and treats me like a princess.  The spa is beautifully done and the staff is friendly.  I feel safe to say all these things as my whole family now goes to this spa, including my Italian father. LOL.

Now, I am recommending it to all of you readers.  I have done numerous services at this spa, from massages to facials to manicures, pedicures, laser, and now I am dying to try their St. Tropez Body Buff and Tan!!!  If you have seen me, I am white man, maybe too white. LOL.  I need a tan, so, since I can not get away anytime soon, I am putting this service on my list of must tries.

I love all the staff here, I have tried numerous individuals from Jessica ( who is my girl, but is now on maternity leave, I miss you Jess!!! But, I am so happy for you! LUV YOU!!) to Agnus, Aksana, Lilly, Yelena and my massage therapist who always makes my body feel so good afterwards, Braden. This place is a must try and they have great products from Bioline (it's from Italy just saying, LOL) , which I use daily to wash my face, to the amazing Moroccan Oil and of course the beautiful OPI nail line.  They also carry a make up line called Jane Iredale, which is non chemical and has SPF 20 in it.  Now, not only do they have all these great products, they give you a loyalty card.  So, every time you spend $25 on a service or product you get a stamp.  Once your card is full, you get a 100$ to spend in the spa!!!!!!!!!!!!! How great is this card?!!!  I LOVE FREE STUFF!! :))

They have some amazing specials going on, this month SEPTEMBER, laser frenzy 1500$ and under arms laser for only 39$.  I have done laser here before, and their machines are incredible.  In OCTOBER, if you book a manicure and pedicure together it is only 75$, mine is already booked by the way with Aksana.  I'm just saying,  I love getting stamps. LOL. Plus, these girls do an amazing job and I love the water they offer.  I know, it's water but they have cucumber water and orange water.  It's so good. OHH I forgot to mention, they offer cookies too.  October also has 20$ off laser services, this includes Brazilian.  NOW, my favorite special.  I wait ALL year for this one.  NOVEMBER is facial frenzy!!!!!!!!!!!!  20$ off any specialized facials. Yes, not only am I already booked for this one, so is my mom!!!! 

You must try this spa.  Get a loyalty card and start collecting stamps.  They have so many beautiful products you can purchase within the spa, you will fill that card in no time.  Visit their website for locations, and any other information you may require.

I sincerely hope you visit their website and check out one of their locations.  I can not say enough about the services, people and decor of this place.  By the way, I know this may sound crazy but I love the toilet paper at this spa. LOL.  It is the softest toilet paper I have used in any public restroom.

Until next time boys and girls, remember to always " just be yourself.., it will eventually pay off.., maybe I will see you at facial frenzy!! LOL.

(c) justbeingmeluvuholts

Inside of Spa
My Mom loves these chairs! Look, how good my hands and feet look!!! :))